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10 Things I've Done That You (Probably) Haven't

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So, this is the meme du jour, which wouldn't normally be much of a draw, but it fits with my new year state of mind, so why not? Co-founded a company that went public and was at one time worth over a billion dollars. Gave a three hour lecture via a translator. Made a self-lighting [...]

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The Windup Girl & Neuromancer: Two Great Books No Matter The Score

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When Paolo Bacigalupi's The Windup Girl added the Hugo to its collection of awards, it was I suppose inevitable that comparisons to William Gibson's Neuromancer would arise. Both were first novels that offered vivid glimpses into strange yet familiar futures. Both had strong literary style, in contrast to the more utilitarian prose of some “hard” [...]

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One Year Later

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Sometime in the next half hour, my mother will be gone one year. I hope she is still out there somewhere and that she is happy. I miss you, Mom.


A Bad Week for the Family

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My previous post detailed how I and my family received the news of my Uncle Bruce's death last week. There had been some confusion due to miscommunication combined with the foreknowledge that my father's cousin, John Dupree, was dying. It was sorted out and my father spent two days out in Santa Rosa last week [...]

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The Bearing of Bad News: A Chronology

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Uncle Bruce and my father in 2004. A Few Weeks Ago My father was going to Cincinnati to visit John Dupree. John is my father's cousin and they grew up pretty much like brothers. John has been fighting colon cancer for a couple of years now, but my father didn't get a chance to visit [...]

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1,000,000 Americans have been Infected with Swine Flu and that's the Good News

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Well, there is some new information from the CDC today and it contains both good and bad news. Based on statistical modeling, they estimate that more than half a million New Yorkers and probably more than a million Americans have been infected with Swine Flu (novel H1N1/A). So, where's the good news? Actually, the size [...]

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