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10 Things I've Done That You (Probably) Haven't

12.31.10 | Comment?

So, this is the meme du jour, which wouldn't normally be much of a draw, but it fits with my new year state of mind, so why not?

  1. Co-founded a company that went public and was at one time worth over a billion dollars.
  2. Gave a three hour lecture via a translator.
  3. Made a self-lighting jack-o-lantern, by turning it into a battery. (Hint: you need to saturate it with salt water.)
  4. Chatted over the Internet with people in Israel dealing with SCUD attacks during the FIRST gulf war.
  5. Co-founded an online literary magazine, complete with hyperlinking, five years before the World Wide Web was invented.
  6. Won third place for best small tattoo at a tattoo convention.
  7. Changed majors and schools (within the same university) the day before classes started in my freshman year.
  8. Wrote and got paid for a book by a major publisher that was never published.
  9. Co-created the web robot exclusion protocol (used to control what pages search engine spiders are allowed to crawl).
  10. Married the twin sister of the my college roommate's wife.

So, that's done. On to new year's eve!

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