Australia is more Infected with Swine Flu than the US

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Today, Australia confirmed 876 cases of swine flu. That means they are more infected on a per capita basis as the US. The US has a population of about 304M, and the CDC is reporting 11,054 cases. That's one case for every 27,500 people. Australia on the other hand has only has about 21M, but [...]

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Why Is The CDC Ignoring Some State Swine Flu Numbers?

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The CDC number for confirmed and probable cases of swine flu in the US should be over 6700 today. This is based on the numbers being reported by the state web sites (when available), which differ considerably in places from the CDC numbers. The CDC's own stance is clearly stated on their daily reports: Because [...]

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Over 100,000 Americans Will Die of Swine Flu in the Next 12 Months

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That headline might seem inflammatory, but it is actually a conservative estimate based on the current numbers. Let's take a look. The CDC is currently reporting 4714 cases of the swine flu in the US and 4 deaths, although a fifth death (the third in Texas) is in the news today. It isn't really enough [...]

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Five Good Books About Plagues

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The news stories from the past week are awash in stories and statistics about the spread of Swine A/H1N1 Flu. The number of confirmed cases is rising; the number of deaths as well. The cases are appearing in more countries and more states. Some people are wearing masks, which others scoff. In other places, the [...]

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The First Week of an App's Life

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My first released iPhone app made it to the App Store last week. I meant to do a post about it, but it didn't happen. C'est la vie. For what it is worth, the app is mind-numbingly simple game called GoGoBongo. Basically, you tap the screen as fast as possible while alternating between two drums. [...]

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Hidden Startup Costs

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I have been spending time lately developing some apps for the iPhone/iPod Touch platform. Now that I have some stuff that is close to being ready to release, I am faced with a dilemma: do I release the apps under my name or do I create some sort of company name? I think it is [...]

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